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Machine Foundation Repair

Before you decide to entirely replace your machine foundations, you may want to see if a repair is a safe option.

For very minor issues, a repair can be the right choice. Just remember, if something is starting to fail, crack or fault, it may be an indication of something more serious.

For this reason, we largely recommend investigating the origin of the visible damage to see what is actually causing it. Many times, it’s something requiring a replacement, even if it’s just a small affected area.

Things you may discover which lead us to believe a replacement is needed are things like:

  • Roll track damage
  • Steel embed damage
  • Cracking horizontally on the surface or inside the foundation
  • Large divots or chunks missing

When should you repair a foundation?

For minor chips or divots, it can be a simpler repair requiring concrete filler, which re-stabilizes the surface, with an epoxy layer on top which smooths the surface.

Should you do repairs on your own?

In most cases, we do not recommend completing repairs on your own.

For example, ensuring PCI strength of concrete can be a real challenge to get right, even for those who have to make repairs on a regular basis. If this isn’t done just right, you’ll have to repair it again, at a minimum.

The last thing you want is to make what seems like a good repair, but end up needing additional downtime for new repairs, or worse, a now needed replacement. This can become very costly.

Types of Foundation Repair

There are several different types of machine foundation repair. Because of the many different kinds of machine foundations and their layouts, certain types of repair may be available for one scenario but not another.

A few types of the most common repairs include:

  • Reconstruction. Repairs and rebuilds the damaged concrete bed, and may include repairs to grout.
  • Reinforcements. Building up existing foundations using bars or rebars.
  • Injection on Concrete. Make concrete structures stronger and more stable, an epoxy resin or concrete seal can be applied under controlled pressure to seal and mend cracks.
  • Injections Under Plates. Make concrete structures stronger and get rid of resonance by  injecting an epoxy resin or concrete sealer directly under the plates of the machinery.
  • Insertion. Reinforcing metal parts like bolts and plates by soaking them with epoxy mortars and resins.
  • Replacement/Repair of Anchoring Bolts. Using crowns to drill, extract, and replace faulty anchor bolts.

Our Solutions/Process

For every project we implement, our process is designed to make sure you get the best short-term and long-term value.


We always begin with an investigative phase so we can know the full extent of the foundation repair.


Due to the volume of foundation work we do, we have access to engineering capabilities. This means we can turn the design phase of your project around as quickly as possible.


Along with our installation teams, we have relationships with all the top material companies so we can complete your repair quickly and effectively.

Our foundation projects are always done with your company’s downtime in mind and we pride ourselves in completing projects in a way that focuses on the bottom line for our customers.

How much does it cost?

Every piece of machinery has unique needs for its foundation and every repair will require a varying degree of intervention.

All of that is to say, the cost of each project will depend on the details of that individual project.

In our process we will determine what is needed to complete the project, including:

  • Materials
  • Processes
  • Mobilization cost

As an expert in machine foundation repair, we will do everything we can to help your business minimize the cost. This includes both the cost of the repair and the cost to your business of not being able to run the machinery while the repair is being completed.

Why Choose Zefco?

Zefco has been an equipment foundations specialist for over 15 years. This expertise allows us to hire the best employees to complete your project.

Our supervisors have over 100 years of combined experience managing foundation repair and installation projects.

The combination of expertise, process, and industry relationships allows us to finish your project at a reasonable price while reducing the amount of downtime for your equipment.