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What is a Press Pit?

A press pit is a machine foundation designed to withstand the weight, force, and vibration created by industrial machine presses.

Machine presses have been used for decades to “press-out” in minutes or seconds materials which would take hours or days to be produced by individual manpower.

These machines can weigh several tons and produce excessive amounts of vibration in the manufacturing process.

A properly designed press pit allows a company to maintain the highest quality output, prevent damage to the machine press itself, and avoid damage to the integrity of the manufacturing facility.

What is a Press Pit for?

Depending on the industry, a press pit allows large machinery to be installed to accomplish production-line manufacturing.

Some industries who utilize this type of production process include (but are not limited to):

  • Automobiles, Trailers, & Campers
  • Agricultural Equipment & Processing
  • Chemical Engineering & Composition
  • Electronic Manufacturing & Recycling
  • Food & Drink Production
  • General Manufacturing
  • Medical Supplies
  • Paper & Paper Related Products (our specialty)
  • Steel & Metal Fabrication
  • Rubber Products
  • Plastic Products
  • Specialty Moulds & Dies

The press pit is what allows the large machines to be installed into warehouses, storehouses and stockrooms. Think of it like a cutout where a puzzle piece needs to be very exactly fit.

Without them, or with improper installation via well-planned press pits, companies would see greater wear and tear on their machines, see a large degradation of quality in their finished products, or simply not be able to utilize the efficiencies of production line machines in high volume output capacities.

How is a Press Pit Constructed?

After the initial design and planning phase is complete and the project is underway, a press pit is constructed in these general steps:

  1. Site Preparation & Clearing
  2. Shoring, Dewatering & Formation
  3. Drilling, Trenching and Reinforcement
  4. Material Installation
  5. Concrete Pouring & Curing
  6. Form Removal & Clean Up

While the process will vary from project to project, build specifications are constructed for all types of machinery, conveyors, and the like, with both current and future connection points of the concrete foundation taken into consideration.

Special attention may be given to distinct processes, such as:

  • Grading & Leveling
  • Bolster Rail Installation
  • Tie-Rod Sump Installation
  • Deep Pit Excavating
  • Blasting, Hammer Hoes & Rock Drilling
  • Rebar, Shotcrete Facing, & Steel Floor Plating
  • Specialized Concrete Mix Designs
  • Vibration Pads

How Long Does it Take to Build?

The length of time to construct a press pit varies by the condition of the facility where it is being installed, the specifications of the foundation needed to support the machine press, the implementation of a well-defined strategy and plan, and of course the availability of both industrial equipment and manpower.

At Zefco, our professional process ensures your machinery gets the proper foundation for optimal performance while minimizing the amount of downtime for your facility.

Why Choose Zefco?

Our decades of combined experience makes our client’s lives easier through industry leading recommendations and delivery of the solutions they need.

Each of our teams is built to maximize the speed of construction and minimize the shut down times of our clients, while maintaining the highest level of quality.

In short, our team is ready to deliver the best product with the least amount of down time for your business.